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  • Mystery Soil

    Mystery soil is a 2 hour inquiry-based investigation designed for second graders (though modifications could be made for upper or lower grade levels.) Students are presented with a jar of soil and they will conduct tests in three... read more

  • The Great Garden Adventure! a flag activity

    The Great Garden Adventure! is an activity that will get students moving, working together, and THINKING! You can make this a simple garden exploration or an introduction to a more... read more

  • Garden Creature "Bingo"

    This is a structured exploration of the creatures that live in or visit your garden. This activity allows students to work together and discover the diversity of creatures found in the garden. Variations of... read more

Our Mission

The Connecticut School Garden Resource Center supports the creation of educational garden programs and outdoor learning laboratories that are truly integrated into school communities. We do this through connecting schools to gardening knowledge, teacher training and community engagement tools. Our goal is to create confident garden leaders and to establish a strong network of garden educators all over Connecticut.

Explore School Gardens

Educational Gardens and Schoolyard Habitats are popping up all over Connecticut. Share your garden by developing a garden profile for your school and explore the many gardens all over the state.

Katherine Brennan/Clarence Rogers School
200 Wilmot Road
New Haven, CT 06515
Lensley Gay

The Brennan Rogers school garden is used by students and families as a space to gather, eat, learn and be active outdoors.

Common Ground
358 Springside Ave
New Haven, CT 06825
Rebecca Holcombe
Director of Community Programs

The Common Ground Children's Garden is an edible learning garden used by thousands of children each year. The garden in planted and maintained by Common Ground educators and all the food is used in Common Ground educational community programs.

Edgewood School
737 Edgewood Avenue
New Haven, CT 06515
Dana Holahan

The Edgewood Schoolyard Habitat was developed in 2015 and is used by classrooms to study ecosystems, insects, birds and more. It is adjacent to the playground and has also served as a playspace and quiet reflective space for students.

Visit Supporting Organizations

Many of the gardens and habitats would not be possible without the support of organizations who devote staff time and funding toward educational gardens and outdoor learning in Connecticut’s schools. Explore the organizational profiles and connect to a support organization near you.

75 Laurel Street
Hartford , CT 06106

Using horticulture as a catalyst for community engagement, KNOX forges partnerships between residents, businesses, and government, providing leadership to build stronger, greener... read more

325 Lafayette Street #9101
Bridgeport, CT 06604

GVI manages a network of community gardens, school gardens, Reservoir Community Farm, and a youth development program, for the benefit of the Bridgeport community.

These are our stories

Browse the blog to learn what is happening in gardens all over Connecticut or share your story by becoming a member of our community.

By Jill Keating-Herbst   |   Dec 9, 2015   |   0

It is late on a Wednesday afternoon in September. At Edgewood School in New Haven a small group of teachers and parents, along with the principal and... read more

By Jill Keating-Herbst   |   Dec 9, 2015   |   0

The School Garden Resource Center began in 2012 in response to countless questions we would receive at Common Ground from teachers, parents and... read more

By Jill Keating-Herbst   |   Jan 22, 2016   |   0

For more information contact us at schoolgardens@commongroundct.org or Register Here    Join our community of school garden coordinators, teachers,... read more