Fruit Basket Game


This is a fun short activity that can be used as a "getting to know you" game to help students bond with one another. Also, it is a thinking game that requires students to think about the characteristics of different fruits (e.g., fuzzy, tart, longer than a pencil).

Objective: To get students to think about fruits based on their different characteristics (e.g., color, shape, size).

Activity: Have all the students stand in a tight circle without any gaps around one student who is chosen as “It.” The student who is “It” calls out a characteristic of a fruit that they like such as, “I like fuzzy fruit.” Each student that agrees needs to move from his/her spot to another student’s spot before all of the spots are taken. The student that is “It” must try to get into one of the empty spots, leaving a different student in the middle to be the new “it.”

A couple of rules: Students cannot move directly into an empty space next to them, and they cannot stay in the same spot if there are no empty spaces. Repeat the game with a new “It” and a new characteristic of fruit as long as the game remains fun. 

Variations: For younger students name the fruit (e.g., apple, banana, etc) and/or show pictures of different fruits. Also, this game can be done with vegetables. 


  1. A space large enough for students to move around