Seeds! Falling, Flying, and Sticking: A Flag Activity


Searching for seeds that fly, fall, or even hitch a ride with a passerby... "This seed floats through the air!" "This seed is stuck on me!" These are the types of responses that excited students make when they find seeds in their schoolyard. In this activity, students work together looking for different kinds of seeds. Once they find a seed, they need to examine it and figure out how it moves or if an animal might eat it. 

Standards Met

NGSS: 2-LS2-1; 2-LS4-1; 5-LS2-1 Cross-cutting concepts: patterns; cause & effect; structure & function Scientific practices: obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information Common core state standards: writing and reporting findings grounded in evidence; speaking & listening; look for and use patterns and structure


  1. 3.5 in x 5.5 in Flag stakes (available at home depot ~$8.00 for 100 pack)
  2. Permanent marker