4th and 5th grade garden curriculum

Topics: Activities with Kids, Curriculum Resources, Gardening, Recipes and Cooking with Kids

This 9 lesson garden curriculum was developed by Alyssa Hughes, FoodCorps Service Member in New Britain, Connecticut. Includes minimal snacks in each lesson. Guaranteed fun!

Basics of Organic Gardening and Pest Management

Topics: Garden Infrastructure, Gardening

Here are some basic things you can do to keep your school garden healthy and pesticide free, from Kim Stoner of the CT Agricultural Experiment Station.

Chicago Public School's Eat What You Grow

Topics: Community Engagement, Garden Infrastructure, Organization Tools, Other Topic

This is a food safety guide from the Chicago Public Schools that has a lot of great tips for building some garden to cafeteria infrastructure.

Fall and Spring Planting Plan

Topics: Garden Infrastructure, Gardening

This planting plan is designed for schools who use the garden primarily in the spring and fall and may not have a strong summer program.

Food Rainbow

Topics: Curriculum Resources, Recipes and Cooking with Kids

Here's information on what all of the different colors of fruits and veggies do, as well as some definitions of nutrition terms, from Life Lab's The Growing Classroom curriculum guide

FoodCorps Teaching Resource List

Topics: Curriculum Resources, Gardening, Other Topic

A list of curriculum resources, books, and other materials provided to us by Heather Pease, EFNEP Nutrition Outreach Educator.

Harvest New England- Soil Delivery

Topics: Garden Infrastructure, Gardening

Harvest New England has locations in Farmington, Wallingford, Fairfield and Ellington and will deliver within a broad range from each of these towns. Their garden soil is a 60/40 mix of topsoil and compost. A minimum of 3 yards is required for delivery so small gardens may want to team up.

Healthy Garden Ecosystems

Topics: Garden Infrastructure, Gardening

Ways to support healthy school garden ecosystems from Life Lab's The Growing Classroom Curriculum Guide.